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Dental Office Management

A dental office manager is responsible for the efficient and effective management of a dental practice. In this field, you will be the motivation and the heart of the communication between the staff and doctor. This program will prepare you to supervise employees, manage patients, and manage and prepare office reports. It will also provide you with knowledge of insurance filing, insurance coding, maintenance of dental records, collections, billing, and handling legal and ethical matters. With our dental management courses, you will be prepared to work in a small private practice, a large group practice, or a clinic setting.

If you enjoy helping others, dental office manager training in Hermitage, TN, is a great opportunity for you to find a career that you love. While working in a dental office, it would be your responsibility to act as a consistent point of contact while developing an amazing report with each patient. In doing so, you’ll create a more welcoming atmosphere for all patients, while also becoming a familiar face for those who may be a little nervous during their visit. You will also provide the stability that doctors and team members strive for in their practice.

At Excel Dental Training Institute, we can offer you the proper training to take on this vital role, so you become the one person the staff can go to with their day-to-day issues or problems. You’ll find that you will be able to take care of patients and assist your coworkers with ease.